BMI plans to meet with UNITE after the trade union called on management to enter into an “open dialogue” about the future of the airline’s employees.

Speculation has been growing about BMI’s future since its owner Lufthansa announced it was inviting parties to carry out a due diligence process, which could lead to the eventual sell-off or break-up of the existing BMI group.

In an open letter to BMI chief executive Nigel Turner, the union also demanded guarantees about job security for its members who work for the group.

UNITE national officer Brian Boyd said: “We have written to BMI’s chief executive officer to call on the company to ensure the workers are not the last to know about their futures. The company must enter into an open and honest dialogue with UNITE.

“We want to ensure that any decisions that could affect our members, carry a guarantee of job security, and protection of existing terms and conditions.

“Workers always seem to be the last to know when businesses make decisions that could threaten their livelihoods.

“Situations, such as the demise of XL Leisure Group and Zoom airlines, where workers are told by email or given an hour’s notice that they no longer have a job, are totally unacceptable, and are no way to treat employees who continually contribute to the success of business.”

A spokesman for BMI said: “We have frequent dialogue and meetings with staff and union representatives, including one planned with Brian Boyd from UNITE.”

UNITE is also contacting Virgin Atlantic and British Airways, both of which are believed to have expressed an interest in acquiring BMI.