Tourism Concern has raised £17,500 after appealing for help to save the organisation in Travel Weekly last week.

Director Tricia Barnett first appealed for £40,000 to keep the responsible tourism charity from closing down before Christmas. She has now launched the 100 Appeal, which aims to raise £100,000, to safeguard its future next year.

Half the money already raised has been donated by the trade, and the other half from human rights backer, the Margaret Hayman Charitable Trust.

Barnett said: “The response has been brilliant. We have a long way to go but it is a really fantastic start.

“It has made us recognise even in our bleakest moment how important it is that we should continue.

“Often the industry feels uncomfortable with what we say, but it obviously respects the fact that it needs to hear it.”


Support on Twitter

Travel Weekly created the hashtag #savetourismconcern to spread the word on the micro-blogging site. Here’s a feed of the latest messages: