Lata Expo will be the new name for ELA from next year in a bid to align the three-day trade show more closely with its organiser, the Latin American Travel Association (Lata).

Lata chairman Colin Stewart said: “Lata established ELA as a way of promoting business between the UK and Latin America, and since I took over as chairman [in 2017], we have tried to review everything we do, to drive value for our members.

“As we’re trying to move the association forward, we felt there needed to be a realigning of ELA, and by repositioning it as Lata Expo, it clearly identifies it as Lata’s event.

“The rebranding, in conjunction with the new venue and what we’re introducing this year [and next] is all part of ensuring we are as accessible as possible and that our messaging is clear and concise.

“We’re excited about demonstrating that Lata is growing and that this is our flagship event of the year.”

ELA attracted a record number of exhibitors and delegates this year, moved to a new venue at Stamford Bridge in London, home of Chelsea Football Club, and was run by Travel Weekly parent company Jacobs Media Group.

Lata Expo is set to take place between June 8-10, 2020, in London.

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