Kirker Holidays

Ted Wake, sales and marketing director, Kirker HolidaysAs we sit here in central London anticipating the arrival of an Icelandic ash cloud over Kirker HQ, I’m reminded yet again of the many and varied challenges of the travel business.

Who in our client services team could have expected, when leaving the office last night, that they would be back on the phones at 05.30 this morning, making it their priority that anyone affected by today’s volcanic ash cloud is properly looked after?

Where clients’ flights have been cancelled, we are doing our utmost to offer at least one practical alternative flight later today, or perhaps an extended stay and a flight tomorrow (or may be even a Eurostar ticket) for them to consider.

We are doing our best to avoid cancellations, and have already been able to offer some customers a postponed departure date. Naturally, we always do our very best to protect agents’ commission revenue, and indeed ours.

No doubt it will be quite a challenging day for anyone trying to get from A to B by air, but just spare a thought for all those poor clients who elected to DIY their holiday to save a few pounds – imagine what sort of a day they might be having.

And as for the unflagging members of the Kirker client services team, it looks like it will be a long day with plenty of caffeine, followed by a large drink and gentle massage this evening…all on me, of course.

Ted Wake, sales and marketing director, Kirker Holidays


Cox & Kings

This has been a very busy day for Cox & Kings’ operations and customer service teams who have swung into action since the start of the day to inform our clients what is going on and to sort out new arrangements for them.

For those clients who were due to return today and are stuck abroad we have we been booking additional nights accommodation and sorting out alternative flights for them.

We have also made alternative arrangements for all our clients who were due to depart today and where there have been additional costs for the new arrangements Cox & Kings has gone the extra mile by picking up those costs.

Such adversity clearly illustrates the benefits of booking travel arrangements through a reputable operator, but of course we do feel it for those who have chosen to go it alone by booking online and now have no support network to help them out.

Philip Hamilton-Grierson, marketing director, Cox & Kings