has thanked its travel agent, airline and tour operater business partners for their “professionalism and attention to detail during the recent and ongoing operational matters surrounding the volcanic ash crisis.”

Sales and marketing director Ian Coyle said: “In such a crisis as this, with UK and key European airspace closed for six days, it causes a knock-on effect for the whole industry, including, of course, the logistics of transferring customers from or to their airport or accommodation.

“Our trade partners contacted us with the utmost efficiency to amend their customers transfers, and even called just to pre-warn us they may need to cancel and rebook due to the ash cloud and cancellation of flights.

“Our own policy from the very outset of this incident was to assure all of our trade partners that we would impose no cancellation or amendment fees whatsoever, to all bookings directly affected by this matter.

“In among the chaos, the industry should pull together to do the best we can for our mutual customers and, with those we serve in the industry, our duty of care has been paramount.

“We also managed to arrange a number of overland coach repatriations as well, both back into the UK for those stranded overseas and, for our continental customers who were stuck in the UK.”

Coyle also praised the transfer company’s own operations and overseas teams who he said had been working around the clock.
He added: “The dedication and effort has been immense and to see the whole organisation pull together for our partners and customers was extremely spirit-raising.  But that’s what we’re here for.”