TTA Worldchoice is to revive the overseas conference in 2011 but has ruled out repeating last year’s joint UK conference in 2010.

The consortium is weighing up options for where the three-day overseas event next spring will be held. It has said it will be “somewhere sunny” in the Mediterranean.

The conference will be a joint event for both TTA and Worldchoice members, although members of the latter are more familiar with the tradition of an annual overseas get together.

This year the consortium plans to hold some smaller events in the UK for members.

Worldchoice has not held its own overseas conference since it joined the Triton super-consortium in 2006.

Its members attended the three Triton conferences held in Tenerife in 2006, Portugal in 2007 and Majorca in 2008, but have not had their own dedicated event since the Triton consortium effectively ended when Advantage decided to leave in 2008.

Last year TTA/Worldchoice held a joint conference in the UK – a format more familiar to TTA agents.