Experiences expected on holiday remain the strongest selling point for the luxury market.

Speaking at the Aito Specialist Travel Agents (Sta) conference in Majorca, David Hester, Orient Express’ director of sales and marketing, said there is little point highlighting the luxury of hotels and the travel as the clients will be expecting this anyway.

Instead, he said agents should focus on the experiences available to the consumer once they have begun their holiday.

He said: “These clients live in luxury and they understand it but this is not what they are actually seeking.

“What does excite this kind of traveller is a special place, personal service and adventure. They want experiences with a sense of place and purpose.

“It is not good enough anymore to talk about the size of the swimming pool.”

Hester added Orient Express has recently had a brand overhaul in order to highlight the authentic experiences it offers.

He said the company is now focused on its ability to delight its clients, offer them the chance to discover new things, a sense of authenticity and character.