On Holiday Group chief executive Steve Endacott is calling from “instant action” from the government after the failure of Kiss Flights.

He said: “This is now perfect timing to go to the Government. After three collapses in a month we should be demanding instant action.”

Endacott suggested Atol protection contribution (APC) should be dropped to £1 on every flight out of the UK.

“The CAA are saying it’s going to take two years to change the Atol scheme, so the best way to avoid all that delay and legislation is to add a £1 onto APD.

“People object to APD because they can’t see the route of it going back into the industry. But in this case, it would be very clear that £1 of every APD payment needs to go into the Air Travel Trust Fund.

“It would just be a method of collection which allows us to start now rather than waiting two years. Airlines would collect it and the government would pay £1 for every passenger leaving the country on a flight. I have been canvassing support for this idea and people like it.”