Abercrombie & Kent’s charity arm has set up an emergency relief fund to help vulnerable people around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It aims to ensure Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP) continues to support the 125,000 people who currently rely on its charitable programmes at a time when countries are in lockdown.

Among the initiatives is ensuring school lunches are still delivered to the 3,500 children who currently receive meals from AKP but are now sick or isolated.

The charitable arm of the luxury tour operator is working with partners in Zambia, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania to support communities.

AKP said it was also working to procure essential health items such as soap and medical suppliers and distribute the items through communities in need. Through the fund it will also supplement the income of women who run small community-based businesses who have had to temporarily shut down due to lockdown requirements.

As part of its efforts AKP has already delivered more than $1 million of medical supplies and equipment to Uganda and Cambodia.

Many past guests are understood to have already pledged their support for the emergency fund.

Abercrombie & Kent managing director Kerry Golds spoke of her concern for conversion efforts in a comment piece for Travel Weekly sister publication Aspire.

She said postponing holidays was the kindest thing to do to support local communities and support conservation.

She said: “A&K Philanthropy, our charitable arm, actively supports projects around the globe, including animal conservation initiatives.

“As tourism money dries up, those initiatives dedicated to protecting wildlife are losing money, and thus their ability to defend against poaching and other existential threats.”

She highlighted that it isn’t just wildlife at risk, with many community projects “enabling a route out of poverty for local people depend upon funds from tourism.”

Donate to the AKP Emergency Relief Fund here