The total death toll in Mexico from the first major storm of the 2011 hurricane season has reached up to 19. Tropical Storm Arlene came ashore and brought torrential rains and flooding over the highlands of central Mexico.

Arlene made landfall on the Mexican coast at Cabo Rojo late last week, with 123mm of rain falling at Tuxpan and 144mm at Tamuin. It remained just below a category one hurricane status, with sustained winds of 65mph and gusts higher than that.

A farmer and his son were killed trying to drive across a flooded bridge in the town of Zentla in the Mexican state of Veracruz on Friday. Authorities in the northern state of Tamaulipas said that two people drowned in the town of El Mante and other person died in the city of Altamira.

Heavy rain and flooding have claimed at least 19 lives, according to reports.