A third of Britons had to cancel holiday plans as a result of coronavirus, a new poll reveals.

The 34% figure emerged in a study by Accor of more than 2,000 people as UK hotels prepare to reopen on Saturday (July 4).

But more than half (51%) are only willing to book a UK holiday post lockdown.

One in five (21%) are prepared to travel into Europe but just one in ten (12%) are willing to consider travel further away.

More than half (54%) want to explore the UK this summer, seeing the crisis as the best reason to discover new parts of the UK.

A proportion (22%) are so desperate to get away they would ‘go anywhere right now’.

A quarter of Brits are more inclined than ever to explore the UK with a similar proportion expecting to check in to a hotel within the first month of reopening.

Accor Northern Europe chief operating officer Thomas Dubaere said: “It’s heartening to see that one result of lockdown seems to be people’s passion for discovery – having spent the last 12 weeks rediscovering their local area,

“Brits are now primed and ready to rediscover the joys of the UK, relive some nostalgic memories from their childhood and travel beyond their local parks to explore the UK this summer.”