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A company specialising in branded hand sanitiser dispensers has reported growing interest from travel and hospitality firms as they restart business following the Covid-19 lockdown.

Sanitise Now increased its exposure in the retail, travel and hospitality sectors during lockdown, and said it had now struck deals with brands including Flemings Mayfair Hotel, Nobu Hotels, Native Hotel Group, Genting Casino Group and Teesside International Airport.

The company reported interest from companies which needed to include sanitiser dispensers in their customer-facing environments while maintaining a consistent corporate identity.

It has now provided dispensers to companies in the UK, USA, Canada, Dubai and Sweden.

Jordan Hurley, sales and marketing director, said: “It has been an unbelievable few months managing rapid international growth, but also managing expectations and tight deadlines.

“All of our customers have been left with very little time to prepare for reopening and we can proudly say we have bent over backwards to ensure all deadlines have been met.”

John Liddle, property director for Genting, said: “When lockdown commenced, we knew very quickly that offering a hand sanitising facility was going to be a key part of our requirements within the new workplace & leisure environment.

“Across several weeks, we looked at numerous styles of dispensers from many suppliers. The product from Sanitise Now stood out from all the others in that it was stylish and provided an automatic dispense facility.

“This has been welcomed by our teams across the Genting Casino estate in that it fits in with the quality of environment we provide to our customers as well as offering a simple and effective solution to this essential need.

“The communication throughout has been first class and I am happy to recommend Sanitise Now.”