Gold Medal is calling on agents to have confidence in its product as it prepares to launch its main 2012 brochures and develop key destinations.

The operator’s seven main brochures for 2012 are due to arrive with agents on December 15 and comes amid the well-publicised financial problems at parent Thomas Cook.

The product range for 2012 aims to continue the strong bookings the operator says it has seen in the US and the Caribbean, as well as further open up the Mexico market.

In addition, Gold Medal is hoping to establish itself as the expert operator to Abu Dhabi, consolidating its position in the Middle East Emirates where it has earned a reputation as a Dubai specialist.

Matt Appleby, Gold Medal head of product, said: “We have got worldwide coverage and want agents to feel confident that we have everything they need.”

Citing the strength of its product team and the relationships it has with the “best and most well-known” suppliers, Appleby said: “Agents should be really confident of what we have as a product.”