Sally Bercow, the wife of the speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow, warned the ITT conference in Barbados this week about the dangers of injudicious tweeting.

Bercow, a controversial figure whose appointment as a speaker at the conference drew criticism reported in the Daily Mail, has 50,000 followers on Twitter.

Asked if she had ever tweeted anything she regretted, she admitted to two: one tweet about plans to ban the party drug Mexxy and another about people celebrating the jubilee.

But she said Twitter was a great way to engage and that she liked it because being able to get her own views out to the public annoys her critics in the national media.

“I think it’s absolutely fabulous partly because it’s really social and partly because it’s a great way of staying on top of the news. For the travel industry and companies it’s a really great way of engaging with their customers.

“As a brand or a person you are a human being and you can cock up. You have to think about what you are tweeting. You should think before you tweet and I do not always do that.”

Bercow said she had not been able to get into using Facebook because of the amount of time it requires but that she tweets all the time.

Following the media criticism that she is exploiting her husband’s position, Bercow said no woman is defined by her husband’s job.

However she did accept that her husband being made speaker was a chance that came along which she grabbed.

“It’s very true to say that if my husband was not the speaker I would not have appeared on Celebrity Big Brother or become a regular on the Wright Stuff.

“But it’s also true to say if I was crap at them I would not be invited back. Chances come along in life and you just have to take them.”

Bercow blamed a media and Tory politicians for not being able to accept that someone like her husband could be appointed to such an important position in Parliament.

She famously appeared in the London Evening Standard four months after her husband’s appointment wearing just a bed sheet in a revealing interview.

Although she admitted that the bed sheet was probably an error opting to reveal all on her own terms meant the press now had nothing on her.

“When I was a 20 year old I did not know I would marry a public figure so I behaved like a supped up 20 year old. I went out drinking and had a few one night stands.

“When John became speaker suddenly the press were all over me. I thought I am not going to live in fear and decided to get it out for myself.”