Malta has signed a new three year agreement with MTV to host events on the island in June each year.

The two first teamed up in 2007, with the number of under 24s travelling to the island since then increasing by 88% to make up 20% of all arrivals.

Tourism minister Dr Mario De Marco said the next focus for the island was young families.

“We were known for older visitors so reaching out to young people was and still is a key aim.

“But we want to increase the number of young families and let people know that the sun and sea is just the cherry on the icing of Malta.”

Valetta has recently been named European capital of culture for 2018 and this, De Marco hopes, will help promote the island’s history and natural beauty.

De Marco revealed that 55% of all bookings to the country from the UK are now done online, with most visitors opting for bed and breakfast and self catering so that they can enjoy the country’s restaurants and bars.