MysteryShopperA solo traveller wants round-the-world flights via Asia, Australia and South America, departing in March for about four months. They’re on a tight budget, but would also like some overland journeys and to get tips on travelling alone. Budget: £2,000

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STA Travel

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A knowledgeable agent took time to listen carefully before starting to plot a route. He offered a Multiflex Pass with Qantas flights to Singapore on March 30, then flying from Hong Kong to Sydney and Santiago, ending with a British Airways flight from Rio de Janeiro to London on July 7, for £1,982.

He suggested going by rail from Singapore to Hong Kong and making my own way from Santiago to Rio, and offered prices for a greyhound pass in Sydney, five-day bus tour around Chile and city pass for Singapore.

This route suited me perfectly, but what really impressed was the agent’s patience in pointing it out on a map, explaining how to change flight details en route, and offering advice from his own experiences plus details of an in-store Australia evening.

Other than perhaps offering a hotel on arrival, there was little that would have improved this friendly and professional performance.