The first comment posted this week under our story about Virgin Atlantic chairman Richard Branson calling for the government to be “brave” over Heathrow said: “If Maggie were still in power, a decision would have been made years ago.”

The comment, of course, referred to former Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who died on Monday.

Writing in the Telegraph, Branson said Thatcher would have cut through the malaise over air capacity in the southeast and made the tough decision that our leaders seem incapable of.

There’s no question Thatcher was a controversial leader. But she was a leader who was never afraid to make decisions if she thought they were right for the country, popular or otherwise.

Branson, and other entrepreneurs like him, including many in our sector, respected that and her belief in encouraging competition.

While this was part and parcel of what made her so divisive, you might argue that without her influence Virgin’s launch of its new domestic service Little Red this week simply would not have been possible.

From one famous lady to another: we’re delighted to have the Duchess of Cambridge gracing our front page this week, thanks to Princess Cruises, which has persuaded her to be godmother of its newest ship Royal Princess.

Securing arguably the most sought-after ‘celebrity’ on the planet – what a way for the line to ensure the world’s eyes are on its brand.

If that doesn’t raise awareness and boost sales I don’t know what will. So agents, make sure you’re ready for a royal flush of bookings come the summer.