Travel Counsellors has launched two new company films to highlight recruitment and corporate travel following a sales increase of 15% for the year to date.

The recruitment film features a range of Travel Counsellors who share their personal reasons for joining the company.

The corporate travel film is aimed at customers and highlights what makes Travel Counsellors different from other companies.

Steve Byrne, managing director, said: “As our profits show, the Travel Counsellors brand is going from strength to strength and people are becoming more familiar with the service we offer.

“With corporate travel now accounting for 25% of the company’s sales, producing a tool to showcase our services was a top priority.

“The film aims to raise awareness of the unique service we provide and essentially, how corporate businesses will benefit from booking with a Travel Counsellor. We are also constantly looking for new ways to engage with talented, professional travel agents so that they can learn more about our company and how it works.

“Our recruitment film is a personal insight into life as a Travel Counsellor and fits our ‘with us it’s personal’ company message. With average income up 12% this year per Travel Counsellor on average, there is never a better time to join the company. We aim to share both films across all media platforms including social media to maximise exposure.”