IF agents think the fat-cats at ABTA are more interested in getting the cream than helping members, they should consider the thoughts of Sandy MacPherson.

Sandy heads up the association’s aviation committee and flew down to London last week from his native Glasgow to meet Backchat.

After chatting about the mundane issues of APD, PSC, IATA, the EC and, not to mention, commission cuts, he moved onto his main gripe.

“Why, oh, why do airlines insist on serving cooked breakfasts on mid-morning flights?” he complained. “I would have to say that at least 90% of people have already had their breakfast by then.

“Well, yes, I suppose so,” replied a slightly bemused Backchat, not really sure where all this criticism of grey sausage and watery omelette was going.

Suddenly all was revealed and Sandy’s comments will warm the heart of any agent as good as any British Midland breakfast.

“I would like to see the money spent on the breakfasts going on commissions instead,” he said.

So there you are, despite the onslaught of seemingly never-ending commission cutting by airlines – and the temptation of a tasty breakfast – agents can rest assured that ABTA is fighting for a larger slice for agents.