Jamaica’s minister of tourism and entertainment has unveiled the country’s new brand identity.

Announced on day one of WTM, ‘Jamaica – Get All Right’, replaces the previous ‘Jamaica – Once you go you know’ slogan.

Announcing the new campaign, which features a new television advert and accompanying photo galleries, minister Dr Wykeham McNeill said: “What we have come to recognise is that Jamaica is not just a place with beautiful beaches. It is more than all of that – Jamaica is an experience.

“The [Once you go you know] campaign is now 10 years old. The time has come to redo and reinvent our marketing campaign.”

Dr McNeill said the destination was a place that made visitors “feel alright” and that this feeling inspired the ‘Get All Right’ campaign.

The news was announced as the latest tourist board figures show a 21% increase in UK visitor arrival numbers for August compared to last year, with 2,716 more British tourists travelling to the island.

The tourist board attributed the rise in visitor numbers to the increase in more direct flights into Jamaica from the UK with Virgin Atlantic and Thomson Airways.

Elizabeth Fox, regional director for the Jamaica Tourist Board in the UK and Northern Europe, said: “Jamaica is more than just a holiday destination, it’s a feeling, it’s an experience.

“The world is realising that Jamaica has so much to offer – and so much more than other destinations. For this reason we thought it was time to refresh the way we market Jamaica.

“Jamaica is where people come to find positivity, a force making the world feel more all right through its rhythm, energy and spirit. Capturing that essence and bringing it to life is what comes through in our new brand and campaign identity.

“We wanted to bring the vibrant, joyous spirit of Jamaica to life.

“You go to Paris for romance, Las Vegas to get wild, and you go to Jamaica to Get All Right.”