With the start of the new year comes the opportunity to make a few resolutions for the year ahead. With all the signs suggesting that 2014 will be a positive 12 months for the travel industry, it could be a great time to make sure you’re prepared for what promises 
to be an extremely busy year.

1. Organise your inbox

Starting the year with a clear inbox is a must. The prospect of coming back to the office to face hundreds of unread messages does not fill any of us with post-Christmas cheer, 
but until these are dealt with it’s hard to focus on what actually needs 
to be done.

2. Work out your priorities

It’s no overestimation to suggest that the travel industry is now in a much healthier state than it has been in recent years. And with this increased confidence comes another realisation – we’re all going to be hugely overworked in 2014.

Therefore, it’s vital to figure out what your priorities are for the coming months and organise your diary around them.

As well as allowing you to focus on the most important aspects of your working life, it will also offer the best chance to enjoy your free time. Who knows, you might even make the most of that gym subscription you’ve signed up to.

3. Set achievable goals

Ensure that your goals are achievable. With the year forecast to be the travel industry’s healthiest for some time, it could be that you do not have lots of spare time to dedicate to grand plans and projects.

4. Know how to ask for a pay rise

With things on the up it could be an ideal time to schedule a performance review and ask for a pay rise. But be smart and wait for the right opportunity.

If you’re nearing the completion of a significant project, or if you’re about to take on new responsibilities, then it could soon be a great time to state your case.

Either way, come prepared with facts and figures to make your argument as strong as possible. Feeling confident that you’re a valued part of your company is great, but before demanding that your salary increases significantly, you should check the average wage of other people working in similar roles to yours.

Knowing exactly how much you’re worth is an incredibly useful weapon when you are fighting your corner, but you must be realistic – don’t price yourself out of otherwise exciting opportunities.

5. New year, new career

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a new challenge that your current company can’t provide, then 2014 promises to be a fantastic time to dust 
off your CV and head back into the jobs market.

There are more and more signs that travel firms 
are looking to take on new employees and make more jobs available in the coming months.

This could be the perfect time to contact a trusted and reputable travel recruitment consultancy to find 
out about the latest vacancies and how you could boost your chances of finding a great new role for the new year.