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Average travel industry salaries rose for the third consecutive month to reach £24,591 in March, latest data shows.

While the increase was marginal – up just £3 from February – it means that salaries now stand at their highest point since last August.

But they remain significantly down compared to the “incredibly strong” figures seen during the equivalent period in 2013, according to the latest Travel Salary Index from C&M Recruitment Consultancy and Chisholm & Moore Executive Recruitment.

Sales director Barbara Kolosinska said: “Salaries for new travel jobs have consistently risen every month so far this year, which is obviously fantastic news for anyone looking for a change of role in the near future.”

Echoing the increases seen for average salaries, the number of candidates registering with C&M or Chisholm & Moore has also gone up in recent months to reach its highest level since last October.

There was also an annual increase in new vacancies with the number rising by 12.95%.

Kolosinska said: “As well as the rise in candidate registrations, we have also recently seen a large increase in the number of travel companies taking on new staff – with a particular boost in placements for business travel and customer service roles.

“With both salaries and the number of available opportunities rising in recent months, it is now an extremely appealing time for candidates to re-enter the travel recruitment market.”