Clia Europe has signed a training partnership with port association MedCruises.

The pair has agreed a deal to collaborate, sponsor and support the advancement of a European travel agent training programme.

The deal means Clia’s training course can be expanded into France and give agents there access to Clia’s resources.

Pierfrancesco Vago, Clia Europe’s chairman, said: “The travel agent community play and will continue to play an essential role in the cruise industry’s supply chain, bringing our fantastic product closer to the end customer.

“We see agents as a vital link between travelers and cruise lines.  They are our leading advocates when it comes to communicating the thrill of a cruise vacation.

“This agreement will see the expansion of Clia’s travel agent training programme to one key European market, but it will not be the last one. I am glad that, in taking this step, Clia Europe and MedCruise will continue to engage with and invest in a sector of fundamental importance to our industry.”

Carla Salvadό (pictured), president of MedCruise, said: “This strategic agreement marks an important milestone in MedCruise relationship with Clia Europe.

“I am delighted that our associations will collaborate in training travel agents and giving them the right tools to attract even more people to cruising in the Med and beyond.

“The partnership shows that in the port community as well as in the cruise industry we never lose sight of the fact that our success is directly tied to the travel agent community.”