A third of airline passengers do not find airport staff helpful or knowledgeable, a survey reveals ahead of the bank holiday travel rush.  

A Cheapflights-commissioned survey of 2,067 people across the UK also shows that almost half (46%) find passing through airport security a stressful experience.
More than half (54%) think security zones are poorly designed to cope with the volume of passengers passing through them. 
Of the 19 terminals assessed, 94% required belts to be removed but the remainder did not.
Almost 1 in 5 (17%) required jewellery be removed and a growing number (6%) now require shoes to be removed as well.
Almost all now have updated signage indicating what can and can’t be taken through, but this leaves many scrambling to remove items while the queue of impatient people grows behind them.
Luton was found to be the one offender without proper signage.
The Cheapflights Airport Audit did turn up some innovative solutions to easing these issues that will hopefully be replicated at other airports in the future.
This included a system used at Edinburgh International and at London City where trays are lined with stickers that show exactly what items must be taken out and where to place them including iPads, laptops, kindles and toiletries bags.