The Advantage Travel Partnership has revealed the theme of its 2016 conference.

Blink has been chosen “to capture the essence” of “keeping a clear business vision in what is becoming a fast changing world”, according to the organisers of event which will be held on-board MSC Fantasia on April 16-20.

Advantage business development director Colin O’Neill said: “The key purpose of our conference this year is to recognise the challenges that all businesses face now and in the future and to address those challenges head on.

“Having access to effective technology is becoming an increasingly important requirement for any business which is why we are taking the opportunity of launching our new technology platform Gateway 2, at the conference.”

The conference will also focus on changing trends in customer behaviour; the importance of strong business partner relationships and brand profiling.

Speed dating-style meetings and breakout sessions are also planned along with keynote speakers, which are yet to be announced.