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Security fears are affecting peoples’ likelihood to travel to countries such as Turkey (picured) and Tunisia with a total of 82% of families admitting concerns, according to a new study.

Of these, 42% have selected new destinations for their holidays this year, the survey of more than 250 families by travel insurance specialist found.

These include the Canary islands such as Tenerife or Lanzarote (11%), while more than a third (34%) plan to take holidays in France, Portugal and Spain.

Families are expecting delays in Calais due to the migrant crisis, with 39% of those travelling to the mainland Europe via Eurostar or Eurotunnel believing their travel plans this year will be affected.

However, one in ten (11%) of respondents have not yet begun planning their holidays for this year as they are wary of what major global events may be ahead.

The study found that holidays based on culture and history appeal to only 28% of families, while 32% prefer an adventure or activity holiday.

Almost a third (30%) of family resort holidays are chosen because of the quality of the clubs for children offered.

Company brand manager, Amber Howard, said: “For most families, going on holiday is a chance to spend some quality time together, and worries about safety and security shouldn’t stop people going abroad.

“Our customers’ safety is always our top priority and we encourage people to check the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice before departing for more information on their chosen destination.”