Brexit and terrorism are the two main concerns facing UK travellers, latest research reveals.

Data compiled by market research firm GfK found that 14% of consumers are worried about having enough spending money on their holiday since the referendum decision.

10% are more likely to consider all inclusive breaks – 18% among higher income earners and 14% among 25-44 year olds – since Brexit.

The trade should see this as a renewed growth opportunity in higher-end and family markets for all inclusive holidays, according to GfK.

There is also an opportunity for the UK domestic sector with one in five (20%) saying they are more likely to consider UK holidays or short breaks, rising to 30% for higher income groups.

GfK said: “We believe that the Brexit opportunities for the UK market are real, but they may be short-lived.

“We’re seeing our own sales data for autumn/winter 2017 and spring/summer 2017 showing strong sales in overseas holidays. Destination UK needs to take advantage of these unusual market conditions now if it’s to enjoy a boost over the summer.”

Terrorism is highlighted as continuing to be a key concern for UK travellers.

These worries are affecting the choice of destination, selection of airline or travel company and preferred routes.

More than a third (35%) of domestic and 32% of international travellers anticipate being more concerned about safety and security when travelling in the next 12 months.

Thirty per cent of all travellers expect to avoid certain destinations and 12% of international travellers will select only certain airlines or travel companies as a result.

GfK believes the findings mean that:

  • There will be a rise in sales of all inclusive holidays to help travellers manage their spending money and holiday budgets. This will be especially felt among higher income groups and younger travellers. Cruises in particular can benefit.

  • Consumers will avoid destinations they feel are unsafe – and the same goes for certain routes and operators. The sector will want to mitigate for this.

  • Those companies (operators, airlines) with good brand reputations will do well amidst consumer concerns around terrorism. Companies will want to protect their brand reputation in times of trouble – and to reassure would-be travellers in their reliability.

  • Online research will continue to play an important part for travellers, possibly even more so.