American Airlines has partnered with a rapid testing company to provide customers eligible to travel from the UK to the US with kits at discounted rates.

The transatlantic carrier has collaborated with the UK government-approved provider of antigen tests, Qured.

The portable tests can be ordered to any UK address and are designed for travel departing from and returning to the UK from the US.

They can be used as pre-departure tests while away from home, but a PCR test is still required on return to the UK.

Tests are administered by a health advisor over a video call, who will talk customers through taking a nose and throat swab and processing the sample. Results will be ready within 20 minutes and results shared electronically with the patient an hour later. Customers can then download a ‘fit to fly’ certificate if the test is negative.

American Airlines said: “We are committed to customer safety, through innovative partnerships with leading healthcare providers to offer affordable and reliable Covid-19 testing solutions.”

The airline’s vice president of customer experience and reservations, Julie Rath, added: “Our partnership with Qured will help to provide peace of mind as our customers travelling from the UK prepare for the air.

“For customers eligible to travel, and those planning future trips, we want to offer affordable and accurate Covid testing solutions, to ensure safe travel for all.”

Qured chief executive Alex Templeton added: “Our travel testing services deliver new levels of convenience and accessibility and, as a trusted healthcare provider, we look forward to delivering an exceptional patient experience to their customers.”

American is currently operating flights from Heathrow to eight US cities.

Partner airline British Airways is also offering Qured tests, for £33.