Travel sales and representation specialist Discover the World is to promote US budget carrier JetBlue to the trade in the UK.

The firm aims to drive sales in the UK as the airline is poised to launch its first transatlantic flights to London later this year after winning Civil Aviaition Authority approval.

Discover the World and JetBlue have jointly appointed a dedicated sales team, headed by senior sales manager Claire Herbert, previously at Finnair and Aeromexico, and supported by sales executive Alexandra Joyce, who comes from a TMC background at Reed & MacKay and BCD Travel in New Zealand.

Both will provide the first point of contact for TMCs and leisure agents.

Iata has confirmed JetBlue as a BSP Airline in the UK.

Details on JetBlue transatlantic fares, schedules and which London airport will be served will be announced at a later date.

The airline’s general manager, Europe,  Maja Gedosev, said: “JetBlue is a challenger brand and provides customers with an extraordinary product at disruptive fares.

“Our new transatlantic product is the result of enormous research over the last few years.

“London will be JetBlue’s first ‘BlueCity’ across the pond and we are confident that we have chosen the right partner to make it a success.”

Discover the World chief executive Ian Murray added: “We are delighted JetBlue believes in our vision to harness the expertise and sales prowess of the travel agent and TMC community to build a strong business model in the UK.

“JetBlue’s new transatlantic routes will provide a welcome change of narrative for the trade with an inspiring new product.

“We know that both TMCs and leisure agents are crying out for a great new offering that they can genuinely be enthusiastic about. JetBlue will offer a sustainable, safe and affordable route back to the States.

“This is the right product at the right time – and you can’t get better than that as we emerge from this pandemic.”