Hotelplan UK has cancelled its remaining ski trips for the current winter season because of ongoing Covid-19 restrictions.

The decision affects holidays with the group’s Inghams, Flexiski and Ski Total brands.

Joe Ponte, Hotelplan UK chief executive, said: “Due to the ongoing impacts of Covid-19, this week, we have suspended all Inghams, Flexiski and Ski Total ski trips for the rest of this winter.

“We’re very disappointed for everyone impacted by this news. Customers with bookings in April will be offered a refund or the chance to postpone their holiday until a later date.

“With many skiers and snowboarders eager to get back to the slopes this season, while there was still a possibility that ski holidays would go ahead, we continued to monitor the situation closely.

“As there has been little change to ongoing travel restrictions, and with further ski resorts announcing that they will remain closed, now is the time to suspend ski trips for this season and focus on making next winter one of the best yet.”

He added: “We continue to see strong numbers for the 2021-22 winter season and bookings are well ahead of the same period last year.

“As people think about their holiday plans now, to avoid missing out next winter, across the Hotelplan UK brands we’ll be looking at how we can increase capacity to keep up with demand – and some of next winter’s holidays are on track for a record-breaking year.”

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