A series of online workshops has been organised by homeworking firm Not Just Travel to give insight into how entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

The ‘Millionaires’ Retreats’ training has been adapted as Covid-19 restrictions has ruled out travel and large face-to-face training.

The first session was a four-day online workshop including special guests.

A second workshop this month covers how to take the next steps to expanding business.

The final phase in March will be about revisiting the core principles.

Travel consultants will also have the opportunity to continue training at a range of retreats in locations worldwide later in the year and in 2022.

Not Just Travel co-founders Steve Witt and Paul Harrison said: “Our Millionaires’ Retreats teach our team everything they need to be successful travel entrepreneurs, but since we can’t meet up together, we have created a new three-phase training plan that is more comprehensive and will give everyone the tools they need to not only hit the ground running but sustain that growth and make 2021 the year they finally become the entrepreneurs they always wanted to be.

“This isn’t some revamp; we have looked at our training and then rebuilt it in light of the current challenges travel consultants are facing with coronavirus and Brexit.”