GROUND-BREAKING ‘electronic paper’ could soon spell the end of multiple brochure editions.

The industry has been urged to embrace advanced technologies like ‘polymer electronic’ displays – where chips are put into plastic sheets so that information can be automatically updated.

This would mean brochure prices could be continually updated and there would be no need for expensive print runs.

Exodus Systems managing director Warren Kinny has urged the industry to embrace the technology.

He said an additional benefit would be that brochures would include the latest information, providing a better service to holidaymakers.

E-books are with us and there will be more commercial applications over the next two to three years,” he said.

Kinny added newspapers would start to use the technology so “the stories will update as the news changes and news will be personalised to your tastes”.

Travel industry managing consultancy @werkk founder Keith Webber added:  “Brochure prices could be changing in front of your eyes. There would also be no need for second or third edition brochures.”

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