Stressed out Spanish hotel managers are being offered the chance to vent their frustrations by smashing a hotel to bits.

Spanish hotel chain NH Hoteles plans to renovate its 146-bedroom Alcalá hotel in Madrid and, in a new approach to demolition, is offering 30 local business managers the opportunity to do the rock-star thing and trash it.

The men have been chosen by a team of psychologists who think that blind destruction is the way to make them feel better and take their minds off their hectic jobs.

NH’s alternative destruction squad will be allowed to smash all the furniture and windows, as well as tearing down walls using sledgehammers, axes and chainsaws.

The only requirement for the chosen workaholics is that they will have to wear a helmet when destruction of the hotel takes place on July 3 .

A spokesman for NH said: “To us, it matters little whether professional builders or stressed-out managers tear down the hotel. Besides, it is a good advertisement for our hotel chain.”

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