Tourist attractions in the UK are seeing a jump in visitor numbers after an appearance on TV or at the cinema, according to a new report.

A study commissioned by film and tourism bodies revealed that stately homes, historic and religious buildings and rural or village landscapes enjoy the most dramatic rise.

Many attractions are exploring new ways of benefiting from the extra attention. The James Bond film The World is Not Enough has inspired the London Taxi Tour which goes past the MI6 building. The hit movie Notting Hill has attracted many tourists to the area and also brought new visitors to Kenwood House in Hampstead.

To take advantage of this trend, Visit London and Film London have produced a range of movie maps available at restaurants, bars, cafes and cinemas in London’s West End.

English Heritage visitor operations director for London Rebecca Kane said: “The power of film is clearly demonstrated by its ability to double the number of visitors coming to our properties overnight and engage new audiences who might not have considered visiting a historic site before.”