The number of UK visitors to Los Angeles rose by 2.3% to 362,000 last year over 2015.

This came as the total arrivals increased by 1.7 million to reach 47.3 million, breaking visitor records for the sixth consecutive year.

International travellers represented 7.1 million of the total, up 3.5% year-on-year.

The city was the first in US to attract more than one million Chinese visitors.

China accounted for 75% of Los Angeles’s overall international growth.

City mayor Eric Garcetti said: “Tourism is booming in Los Angeles, and it’s helping to drive our whole city’s economy forward.

“My goal is to welcome 50 million tourists to our city by 2020, and new attractions like the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will have even more people from around the world lining up to come to L.A.”

Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board president and chief executive Ernest Wooden said: “Global desire for the Los Angeles experience is at an all-time high, a fact largely attributable to our city’s celebration of diversity and creativity, from which thriving culinary, cultural and lifestyle scenes have emerged.

“Fantastic new hotels are opening their doors with frequency, chefs are exploring innovative creative territories, noteworthy cultural institutions are choosing to call L.A. home and people want to be a part of the L.A. lifestyle.

“We are thankful for these individuals and entities which make Los Angeles the place that record-setting numbers of people want to visit.”