Mobile technology will revolutionise business travel, a report by Amadeus and the Association of Corporate Travel Executiveshas suggested.

The Upwardly Mobile report, unveiled at the ACTE Global Education Conference in Washington, asked 72 corporate travel managers for their views on how mobile technology will impact business travel.

The findings showed that business travellers will be able to book and amend flights, make hotel reservations and complete expense forms while on the road by using mobile technology. It will also save them time by allowing them to check in for flights and have boarding passes sent to their mobile device.

Mobile technology will help corporate travel managers meet travel policy requirements and improve security during business trips, said the report. Security alerts or advice about delays or disasters can be sent via simple text messages. Employees can be traced using global positioning systems.

While travel managers are aware of these benefits, few have implemented the technology into their travel programmes.

Amadeus corporations head of department Frank Palapies said: “The benefits of mobile technology are significant. It is the next logical step in travel technology.”