A total of 37 new routes across nine UK bases are being introduced as Jet2.com and Jet2holidays lays on a record of more than 9.6 million seats for summer 2018.

A fleet of 82 aircraft will support the company’s largest flying programme, covering 57 destinations and 292 routes.

The operator confirmed a 60% capacity hike to Turkey with 140,000 additional seats.

Major expansion to Greece includes with more than 250,000 extra seats covering destinations such as Halkidiki, Kefalonia, Kos, Rhodes and Corfu.

Cyprus capacity will rise with more than 110,000 additional seats.

Costa de Almeria is introduced as more seats are made available to Spanish resorts, including 920,000 seats to Alicante, over 940,000 seats to Palma and 1.4 million seats to the Canary Islands.

Faro in Portugal will gain more than 700,000 while “major growth” in planned for city destinations such as Krakow, Prague and Split.

Italy will see 75,000 additional seats to Italy with growth planned for Naples and Verona.

New UK departures airports of Birmingham and Stansted gain new routes for summer 2018. A total of 13 will be added from Birmingham and five from Stansted.

New routes and more frequent flights have been scheduled for Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Edinburgh airports.

Company chief executive, Steve Heapy, said: “This will be our biggest ever summer programme, giving our independent travel agency partners more choice and flexibility than ever with our award-winning package holiday operator.

“Such sustained growth is only possible by looking after our agency partners and working with them, which shows that our continued investment into our partnership approach on top of offering great value package holidays and family friendly flights is working.

“This success with independent travel agents across our new and existing bases proves that our formula is the right one.”

Jet2 summer 2018 breakdown:

• 22 destinations including eight new – Antalya, Costa de Almeria, Crete, Madeira, Malta, Naples and Rhodes (all exclusive apart from Malta and Rhodes)
• 400,000 seats available, a 39% growth year on year
• Addition of a Boeing 737-800

• 28 destinations including 13 new – Antalya, Costa de Almeria, Larnaca (Cyprus), Kos, Krakow, Halkidiki (exclusive), Madeira, Malta, Naples, Prague, Rome, Split, Zante
• Almost 200 weekly flights and 900,000 seats available, a 53% growth on this summer
• Fleet expansion to six aircraft with addition of two new Boeing 737-800s

East Midlands
• 32 destinations
• Almost 200 weekly flights and 920,000 seats available
• More flights and more seats to Corfu, Dalaman, Costa de Almeria, Split and Zante

• 32 destinations including four new – Antalya (exclusive), Dalaman, Kos (exclusive) and Madeira
• 160 weekly flights and 700,000 seats available, with a new Boeing 737-800 aircraft added, a 9% uplift on this summer
• Capacity raised to Halkidiki, Paphos, Naples and Verona

• 29 destinations including three new exclusive routes – Bodrum, Kefalonia and Halkidiki
• More than 160 weekly flights and 870,000 seats available – 25,000 more than this summer
• More capacity to Antalya, Cyprus (Larnaca), Rhodes and Zante.

Leeds Bradford
• 46 destinations including new destination La Rochelle
• More than 160 weekly flights, and further growth means over 1.6 million seats available
• Thousands more seats than this summer with additional aircraft allowing for more capacity, frequency and flexibility

• 42 destinations including new destination Verona
• More than 400 weekly flights, and further growth means 2.2 million seats available
• Addition of a widebody Airbus A330 aircraft with 327-seats
• More capacity to Halkidiki, Costa de Almeria, Kos, the Canary Islands, Faro, Kefalonia, Cyprus, Reus, Gran Canaria and Crete

• 31 destinations including new exclusive routes to Bodrum and Halkidiki
• More than 190 weekly flights and 880,000 seats available
• Increased capacity to Cyprus (Larnaca and Paphos), Costa de Almeria, Ibiza and Reus

• 30 destinations including five new – Bodrum, Costa de Almeria, Halkidiki, Kefalonia and Verona
• Over 200 weekly flights and more than one million seats available, a 33% growth on this summer
• Addition of two Boeing 737-800s to give a fleet of eight aircraft