Holiday Taxis has launched a carbon offset scheme to raise a six-figure sum annually for green projects and is offering environmentally-friendly hybrid cars.

The company claims to be the only resort transfer specialist offering holidaymakers the opportunity to offset emissions against taxi transfers and use cars powered by electricity or gas.

Its website now has a ‘green’ section explaining its commitment to the environment and how money donated by carbon offsetting will be spent on projects globally. It has set a minimum sum of six-figures to raise for environmental projects.

Sales and marketing director Russell Parr said: “Even if customers’ contributions do not meet the target we will make up the shortfall.”

The company, which contracts local suppliers to provide transfers, is currently offering transfers in hybrid vehicles in Brussels and plans to roll this out further where possible as the issue becomes more important among customers.

Parr said: “Clearly holidaymakers are starting to make lifestyle choices and it’s becoming more of a requirement in the corporate market. It’s about recognising people are looking to be more environmentally-conscious.”

The company is also making its offices environmentally-friendly with the aim of turning Holiday Taxis into a carbon neutral transfer provider.