Qantas said it will work with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority on its safety review.

CASA has revealed it is to launch a special review after a Qantas 767 was forced to return to Sydney after an issue with the aircraft’s hydraulic system. This followed an emergency landing in Manila after an explosion on a Qantas aircraft on July 25 flying from London to Melbourne.

Qantas Engineering executive general manager David Cox said Qantas had a long and respected history of safety and the flying public should have confidence in the airline.

Cox said: “Our operations are first class and are continually subject to the scrutiny of Australian and overseas regulators as well as our own internal audits.

“We have no issue with this latest review and CASA says it has no evidence to suggest that safety standards at Qantas have fallen. We agree and are totally confident these checks will confirm the integrity of our engineering and maintenance operations and our commitment to safety.”

Qantas has conducted up to 150 internal audits each year on its engineering operations.