Long-haul travel growth seen this year is set to continue into 2018, according to latest forecasts.

Flight bookings in the sector for the first three months of next year are 10.4% ahead of the same period this year, the latest analysis has found.

The notable exception is the US, where bookings for international arrivals are just 2.6% ahead, the data shows.

However, long-haul bookings for the Asia Pacific region are running 12% ahead of where they were last December, with Africa and the Middle East up by almost 12%.

Economic growth in Australia, New Zealand, India and China is stimulating demand for travel, coupled with capacity increases, according to ForwardKeys, which analyses around 17 million flight bookings a day.

CEO Olivier Jager said: “One has to be optimistic. Despite 2017 being a year filled with economic and political uncertainty, it is one in which long-haul travel has grown strongly and that trend looks set to continue.”