Travel management company Planet Pursuits is urging suppliers to follow its lead in cutting back on the use of plastics.

The Wiltshire-based firm has been single-use-plastic free for six weeks as part of a commitment to go plastic free.

The company is refusing plastic promotional gifts from suppliers and has revised its stationary policy and purchased new kitchen facilities to encourage team lunches that do away with packaging.

Suppliers who wish to bring a gift to the office are being requested to make a donation to nominated charity, the Rainbow Trust for Children, instead.

This is in addition to providing water bottles and a bag for life for each employee.

Planet Pursuits is also working with its supply chain to reduce the use of one-use plastic beyond its office.

The brand works with a range of hospitality businesses and has already influenced some of its largest suppliers to consider their plastic use.

The TMC’s environmental co-ordinator, Millie Goodinson, said: “Even though we are a small, growing business, it’s important to be aware of the environment and our footprint.

“As well as taking steps to limit the amount of plastic used at Planet Pursuits, we are doing our best to influence suppliers and clients too.

“As an agile company, we have the ability to be proactive and make positive changes quickly, leading to our plastic use dropping rapidly since the initiative began.

“Single use plastic is becoming an increasing concern for consumers and businesses alike. We hope that our initiative gives our partners and clients the confidence to know they’re working with a company that cares and takes positive environmental action or even inspire them to make a plastic commitment themselves.”

By leading the way on cutting plastic use, the team at Planet Pursuits hopes that travel and hotel suppliers will think about the unnecessary and wasteful materials used from promotional and marketing purposes, turning to environmentally friendly alternatives instead.