More than 70 passengers walked off a Thomas Cook flight on June 21 after being asked to act as ballast for the aircraft.

The 71 passengers were asked to move to the back of the aircraft, scheduled to fly from Majorca to Newcastle, to balance it out after a rear cargo door jammed, meaning the luggage had to be stored at the front of the aircraft. However, they chose to walk off the flight and make their own way home.

A Thomas Cook spokeswoman said because the passengers had made their own decisions to walk off a functioning flight, they were not entitled to any compensation from the airline.

She added; “It is standard for all airlines to ensure cargo and passengers are evenly distributed on an aircraft and there will be times when passengers will be asked to move to the front or back of an aircraft.

“This is a routine procedure and poses no safety issue. We are disappointed that, despite reassurances from the captain and crew, a number of passengers decided not to travel.”

Since returning to the UK passengers who refused to take the flight have spoken to the Daily Mail and the BBC about their experiences.