Tui Care Foundation is working on a landscape restoration project in Spain that will see the development of excursions for tourists to learn about the environmental impact of food production.

The travel group’s education and training foundation is supporting a local partner, AlVelAl, to restore the landscape in the high plateau of southern Spain and help farmers with food production.

The project will provide opportunities for local producers of food such as almonds, olive oil and honey to access the supply chain for popular holiday destinations.

Excursions will enable guests to visit the project and learn more about the environment, and how holidaymakers can help by thinking more about the food they consume in travel destinations.

The project aims to tackle problems faced by farmers in the plateau regions of Andalusia, such as soil erosion, scarce ground water and loss of biodiversity.

The profitability of small-scale farmers has been declining, with unemployment figures reaching up to 60% in recent years.

Under the Tui Cares banner, the scheme will encourage more farmers to use regenerative practices, boost sustainable production and create market links for their products.

Almonds, honey, olives, lamb and wine have great potential for sales in hotels, restaurants and the shops of the region, said the project partners.

Thomas Ellerbeck, Tui Care Foundation chairman, said: “The vision and estimated impact of this project is nothing but a role model for a sustainable and local value chain, which enhances biodiversity, contributes to the rural standard of living, and is not based on charity but on sustainable businesses.”

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