Flights between the UK and European Union are to be maintained without interruption in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

The EU’s proposed regulation on air services connectivity has provisionally been agreed for after the UK’s March 29 exit.

Aviation minister Liz Sugg said: “Passengers can continue to book flights with confidence as the EU has provisionally agreed legislation ensuring flights will continue in a no deal scenario.

“The UK will reciprocate and provide, as a minimum, equivalent rights to airlines from those European states.”

The Department for Transport said: “We are working towards a deal, but in the event of a no dedal we are fully committed to ensuring flights continue between the UK and EU after Brexit in any scenario.”

Tim Alderslade, chief executive of the industry association Airlines UK that represents 13 UK carriers, said: “We welcome that the provisional agreement between the Council and the European Parliament reaffirms that flights between the UK and EU will continue uninterrupted in the event of no deal, and that the UK will reciprocate.

“We look forward to the UK government publishing the detail of its reciprocal arrangements.”