Howard Hughes Suite, Eden Rock, St Barts


4. Eden Rock, St Barts

The unique position of the hotel is the first thing that strikes you about Eden Rock, and it is simply magical.

The hotel buildings are perched on a rock hugged by two gorgeous beaches that unfurl from either side. This means there are incredible views from anywhere on the property, so tell clients to stop and look as they wander around – it’s worth it.

“While you expect such a classy establishment to deliver fabulous restaurants, beautifully appointed suites and attentive staff, Eden Rock seems to provide so much more,” says David Pointer, product manager at Tropical Locations.

“The individuality of the decor – chic yet personal – the brilliant food and all these friendly, beautiful people there to help you. Then there are the surprises such as the world-renowned art gallery, a boutique with world-class designs, and to cap it all, there’s a new private villa recently added to the 30 or so suites and beach houses, complete with a private recording studio, cinema and spa. Eden Rock kind of takes your breath away but at the same time it is relaxing and not stuffy.”

Sample product: W&O Travel Tropical Locations offers seven nights in a garden cottage, breakfast, private airport transfers, return flights from UK to St Maarten with Air France and onwards to St Barts with Winair from £2,475 per person on departures between September 1 and November 15., 0845 277 3310

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