Killing Eve star Sandra Oh is the first celebrity to collaborate in a new promotion for Air Canada.

The US-Canadian actress appears as part of a new campaign entitled ‘Travel like a Canadian’.

The aim is to show British travellers and others how Canadians travel and interact with other cultures abroad.

The first international campaign by Air Canada is designed to position it as an alternative to domestic airlines in the country.

The airline also seeks to showcase the benefits of sixth freedom travel – the right to fly passengers between two other countries via home airports – and encourage international customers to use its Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver hubs.

The Travel like a Canadian campaign will continue with further unnamed celebrity collaborations.

Brand managing director Andy Shibata said: “We’re excited to have created a platform for Canadians like Sandra Oh to tell the world about the values that make our country great.

“The Travel Like a Canadian campaign is an opportunity to share how Canadian values like multiculturalism, openness, compassion and equality make us some of the best travellers in the world.”