Africa specialist Independent agent Tana Travel has re-joined Aito Specialist Travel Agents after withdrawing last year as part of cost saving measures.

However, the company has returned to the 130-strong agency group after feeling the downside of non-membership.
Operations director Philip Mannion said: “Due to the economic climate, we decided to cut back last year and not to renew our Aito Agent membership. We did, however, stay loyal to Aito operators and business thankfully has now picked up tremendously.
“We have signed up as an Aito Agent member again because the advantages are simply too good to miss. For example, the close ties between Aito Agents and Aito operators are so important.

“We can assure customers with every confidence that they will receive top quality, personalised service from an Aito operator and this is very different from what they can expect from ‘big boy’ operators, where a customer is often just another bum on a seat.
“We’re proud to be associated with Aito again, to be displaying its logo in-store, to have the Aito brochures on our shelves again and, most importantly, to be working closer with the operator partners.”
Tana Travel employs seven staff and has been in business for 27 years.