The Holiday Franchise Company aims to raise nearly £2,000 for industry charity Abta LifeLine through a Race for LifeLine appeal launched on Monday.

The appeal will see the Holidaysplease-backed firm’s head of sales and marketing Luke Western run 19 miles a week and training and development executive Chris Storey cycle 190 miles a month until a fundraising target of £1,900 is reached.

The fundraiser will also boost the TravelCares appeal, which was launched by Travel Weekly and Abta LifeLine and has so far raised almost £17,500 to help those facing hardships due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

John McEwan, chairman of Holidaysplease and former Abta chairman, said: “I’m very happy that The Holiday Franchise Company is raising funds for Abta LifeLine. So many colleagues in the travel industry have either lost their jobs or are about to and they often turn to LifeLine for assistance.”

To find out more about the the Race for LifeLine appeal, click here. You can also donate here and follow the progress of the appeal on Facebook by clicking here.