More mergers, acquisitions and failures in the travel sector can be expected as a result of Covid-19.

The projection came from Jonny Bealby, founder and chief executive of adventure operator Wild Frontiers.

He said it “would be good for the industry if there were more mergers in the coming months”.

Interviewed on the weekly FlightDeck programme on Travel.Radio, Bealby also warned of worse times for some.

“There will be more corporate casualties but I think people will be surprised by how many companies manage to ride it through,” he said.

“Travel companies, generally speaking, understand we are in a risky business. We often have these big crises, such as ash clouds, terrorist attacks and political upheavals which go on all the time, and we know we have to have reserves for a rainy day.

“The travel industry is incredibly malleable, flexible and durable. The vaccine announcement a week ago made a huge difference. The public are looking at next year and thinking travel will come back.”

Bealby also called for shorter quarantine combined with testing.

“It’s been absolutely stifling navigating this virus in recent months but there is huge pent-up demand. I’ve personally run four new trips this year and they’ve all filled up,” he said.

FlightDeck, presented by travel commentator Paul Charles, is broadcast on Sundays at 10am on Travel.Radio and features a leading player in the travel sector.