The Tobago Tourism Agency is offering agents experiential training this month.

The ‘Take Me to Tobago Week’, in partnership with Travel Weekly, consists of a series of videos, including yoga with Castara Retreats, birdwatching with an expert guide and hot chocolate-making with Tobago Cocoa Estate, to help boost agents’ knowledge of the destination.

Videos will be uploaded to Travel Weekly’s Facebook page every day for a week, beginning December 14 at 11am, ending with a Q&A with Sheena Des Vignes of Tobago Tourism Agency and Nadine Rankin from AMG Representation.

“It’s been a long summer with no opportunities to go on fam trips,” said Rankin. “The Tobago Tourism Agency would have run at least two by now, so we want to take agents virtually to Tobago.”

The first 50 agents to submit questions for the Q&A by Monday will win a box of Tobago goodies.